Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things I don't understand...

There's a number of things I don't understand. I don't understand fake boobs that look like water balloons. I don't understand why so many people wear their pants below their asses. And, I don't understand the need to wield will.

Ok, so maybe some things, I do get, like people who campaign against fur as fashion. Their will is to end the needless suffering of animals for the sake of vanity. But at what point is wielding will an imposition? And why do some have the need to wield will more than others?

Take China for instance. The Chinese government has actively campaigned to eliminate the culture of Tibetans and Uighers alike. Why? What does that really accomplish? It doesn't create a pureness for China, but an imperfect history, just as this country has a blemished history with the genocide of the indiginous cultures that were here before the land was invaded by Europeans.

It makes me wonder if maybe will is wielded as an incarnation of denial that perfection is in fact an abstract. Denying the abstract, as something that is essentially only perfect in concept, but not in the imperial world, is to deny the imperfect human condition, thus it is a denial of self.

So is this why some choose to wield will? Is it simply a manifestation of an inner rebelion to fight against what we cannot control?

Are those who wield will simply just in need of the Serinty Prayer?

Could be.

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