Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Economy of Making It All Work

I'm in the process of learning, that life 3.0 has its own economy. Gone are the days of striving for lofty achievements. I feel like I've at least made a difference in the world, and I'm satisfied with my contributions. That satisfaction however, leaves me with a quandary of "what do I do now?"

The answer is, that which I haven't done, or wasn't brave enough to do before. So, I'm working as a line cook in a San Francisco restaurant. 

Perspective is everything. Those who know me well, congratulate me and look on with awe. Many of those in the industry whom I work with, wonder what I'm doing. I don't feel I really owe an explanation to either side. I'm just muddling through to be honest, but I'm ok with that and where I'm going with it.

And where am I going? I'm simply seeking balance and satisfaction. It's the latter that requires a shift in priorities. I want to be out of debt and only own things I really want and enjoy. Everything else is not necessary. I've figured out what's important to me. I skip owning an expensive TV, in order to have money to buy good kitchen tools. I thrift shop first for things I need, but occasionally, I also find things I want in thrift stores. These practices allow me to dedicate almost 50% of my take home to debts. They make me feel like I'm living smarter.

It's a real challenge. I'm still in transition because I'm still wondering how long I can work in a job that's so physical. But, every day, and every week I manage to maintain, I gain a little more confidence that I'm doing the right thing. I make less money, but I feel like I have more freedom. 

I have the freedom to not have to know everything or be in charge at my job. I have the freedom to not feel as though I have to spend lots of money to impress anyone. And, if I keep to my budget, in a year, I'll have the freedom to maybe not work as hard as I currently do. 

I was in a dark place for a long time, finally saw the light, and rushed towards it. Now I can see there are options for the life I want, as long as I make smart choices.