Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Burning Man Again

Yup, it's that time of year again. Once again, I'm out on the Playa, for only five weeks this year. Everything is familiar from the routines to the faces, to the conditions, save the bugs. Yeah the bugs were real.

They came in swarms that lasted four to six hours, and then just as soon as they appeared, they would fall to the ground in piles. Some of them bit, some of them stank, some just crawled. It was an experience unlike any other I've ever had out here. You haven't lived till you've sneezed out a bug or flossed them out of your teeth. True story.

I know how lucky I am to have these experiences. I'm so glad my life has been such an adventure. On the side of the Artery, the artist headquarters on Playa, there's a black wall with the words, "Before I Die..." Below those words are places to write things in. When I looked at it I thought, yeah, there's still more I want to do, but if I went tomorrow, I'd be good. 

I've put two great people out into the universe who are smart and kind, and considerate and creative. I've traveled, learned languages, and had a lot of experiences most people never have. I found love when I had all but given up that the possibility of a loving relationship was even real. I really am good.

When I shared that thought with a friend out here, she told me that those words came as a great comfort to her. That was the day Spoono died. I won't claim to have known him well, but he was a friend. He cheered me on in my endeavors, and encouraged me to continue work in the food industry. I was bummed that I didn't get to share my first ever Playa pizza with him. When I return from the Playa this year, I will start my first line cook position at a San Francisco restaurant. I hope I do him proud.

Burning Man is an interesting place. I've heard people say there's something for everyone here. I think that's mostly true. Even in a place where stimulation overload can be a daily occurrence, it's also still possible to be in a clean, well lit place, and reflect my thoughts and consider my possibilities. Yup. I'm good.