Friday, October 24, 2008

Distracted and enthralled at the same time...

I have expanded my information regime. I am a self described NPR junkie. I can generally tell time by what is playing on NPR. I have subconsciously memorized their format. I know when the music will play, when it's time for a promo, and I can identify the reporters by their voices. It use to be that NPR and a perusal of internet news would satisfy me, but no more. I have new information flirtations.

Perhaps I'll begin with my new favorite website, The Daily Beast. This website is the brain child of Tina Brown, former editor of the New Yorker. She has assembled the a brilliantly snarky staff who sifts through the news to create a daily Cheat Sheet of noteworthy news stories. Her contributors thus far have included Scott McClellan, with his take on W. the movie, former Project Runway super mom Laura Bennett, and host of literati and intelligentsia. It takes a bit of discipline to not spend most of my work day on this site.

My second new infatuation is The Rachael Maddow show. I knew of Rachael from Air America, and always appreciated her even tone and methodical approach to political news. On camera she represents everything that I believe women should be: smart, strong, clever and wise. Perhaps I connect with her show because she's the same age as I am and I appreciate the shared perspective. So little of what is on television geared towards women celebrates that we are actually intelligent creatures. So because of this, Rachael is now a daily necessity on my tube.

It's election season, and for the first time in a long time I am not a participant. In years past, I have worked on campaigns, registered voters, and helped to establish political party headquarters. But this year is different. This year I'm purposely on the sidelines, and surprisingly not utterly sick of hearing the blow by blow commentary. This is in fact a defining election of my lifetime, and for the moment I am cautiously optimistic that something amazing is about to happen. I think part of this optimism is perhaps the reinforcement I've gleaned from leaning media. And even though I know there is a pitfall in being told what one wants to hear, it still is nice to know that there are scores of people who think as I do and appreciate an informed perspective.

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